Your Complete Guide to Golf

Welcome to the one and only place to get exclusive tips, advice and information in general about playing golf. Here you can explore different areas of playing golf; learn the rules; find the right equipment for beginners, intermediate golfers and pro players; find out how to improve your strokes; learn new techniques and much more.

Just like with any sport you need to know the basics and have the right equipment. You can find everything else regarding information right here. Having difficulties understanding a particular golf game type? Find all about them here. Wondering what’s the best club to get for a particular situation? Conduct your research here. Everything that you need to know about golf is one click away.




Why Is Golf Popular?

There’s a number of reasons for golf’s increasing popularity. And to fully understand and appreciate golf here a couple of them.

  • It’s an all inclusive sport, meaning that men, women and children can play it.
  • It’s relaxing and there’s no physical contact with other players 
  • It’s a healthy activity and is intended for outdoors
  • It’s soothing for both mind and body
  • There’s a professional career to pursue
  • Winning is quite rewarding


What Do You Need to Start Playing Golf?

People usually think that you need a lot to start playing golf, which certainly isn’t the case. First there are the rules and types of game that you need to get familiar with. After that you’ll only need some basic equipment and you’re ready to go. You don’t really need a bunch of clubs to start playing golf, only a couple of them.

Look for clubs designed for beginners as there’s no need to go for expensive professional clubs right now. Be sure to try the club before you buy it, see how it rests in your hand, how’s your grip with it, etc. You’ll also need a decent club bag that’ll be comfortable to carry around. Finally get some a pack of balls and you’re ready to go.

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