Laurie Auchterlonie

Laurence Auchterlonie, (born 1875, died 1948), usually known as Laurie, was a Scottish born golfer. He was a native of St Andrews, the "Home of Golf". In 1902, representing the Chicago Golf Club, he won the eighth U.S. Open at Garden City Golf Club in Garden City, New York. He played with the recently invented Haskell rubber coated ball, which had first been used to win an important tournament the previous year, when Walter Travis used it at the U.S. Amateur and Sandy Heard at The Open Championship. It soon became the standard golf ball. Auchterlonie competed in the U.S. Open eleven times, finishing in the top ten on seven occasions. His other victories included the 1901 Western Open.

Laurie Auchterlonie was related to Willie Auchterlonie, who won The Open Championship in 1893. Willie Auchterlonie had a son named Laurie who was to succeed his father as honorary professional to the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. This Laurie Auchterlonie should not be confused with the U.S. Open winner.