George Knudson

George Alfred Christian Knudson, CM (June 28, 1937 - January 24, 1989) was a Canadian golfer, who still holds the record for the Canadian with the most wins ever on the PGA Tour, with 8 career victories.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he learned to play golf at the St Charles Golf and Country Club. Between 1961 and 1972 he won 8 tournaments on the PGA Tour. He won the Canadian PGA Championship 5 times and won the World Cup of Golf with Al Balding in 1968. He wrote a book, The Natural Golf Swing (ISBN 0771045344) with Lorne Rubenstein.

In 1988 he was inducted into the Royal Canadian Golf Association Hall of Fame and was made a member of the Order of Canada.

A chain smoker, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He recovered, and was about to make a comeback on the Legends of Golf tournament, but left because he felt weak. The cancer had spread to his brain, and he died at the age of 51.