Andrew Strath

Andrew Strath (1836-1868) was a professional golfer. He was born in St Andrews, Scotland, which is known as the "Home of Golf".

Like most professionals of his era Strath did not make his living from tournaments. He began his working life as an apprentice to a clubmaker and sometimes partnered Old Tom Morris in the challenge matches which were a feature of golf at the time. He was famous for the amount of backspin he could get on his iron shots.

Strath won The Open Championship in 1865, becoming the only man to break the early domination of the event by Willie Park, Snr and the two Tom Morris's father and son. He also finished third in 1860, fourth in 1863, second in 1864 and fourth in 1867. In 1865 he succeeded Old Tom Morris as Keeper of the Green at Prestwick but died of tuberculosis at the age of thirty-two. His brothers Davie and George were also golfers. Davie was considered the best player of the three, but like Andrew he died young. George served as the first professional at Royal Troon before emigrating to the United States.

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