Golf lessons

Golf Lessons Taking a golf lessons can be very expensive, time-consuming effort. And like any good or service that will cost money and require time, you should be careful before you buy.

It's OK to shop around for a golf instructor, it's recommended in order to find the best fit. Here you can find some things to consider before you commit to golf lessons.

Know your Price Limit
Yes, golf lessons are expensive. But some are more expensive than others. Generally, the more expensive instructors are the ones with more experience, more accolades and who are attached to a more upscale golf facility. But there are lots of teaching pros out there who are less expensive but still very good. Decide how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping, and stick to it.

Make Sure Your Goals and Commitment Match
A golf instructor can do wonders with your game, but he can't do it alone. To make golf lessons worthwhile, you must be able to follow up on them by continuing to work on the instructor's suggestions on your own time. The higher your goals, the more work will be required. Be realistic in your goals and make sure you can offer the commitment necessary to meet those goals.

Private Lessons vs. Golf Schools
Private lessons and golf schools are the two typical ways to receive golf instruction. Both have strengths. Private lessons allow for follow-up visits over a period of time - a building block approach to learning golf. Schools offer an intensive amount of learning in a short time, but can also offer too much information and without follow-up. But private lessons can take months to complete.

Choosing Between Private Lessons and Schools

Ask Around
Every golf instructor's best advertising is past students. To get an idea of the best teachers in your area, ask as many golfers as you know. It's likely that a handful of names will come up frequently, and that list can be your starting point. You may find someone who has taken lessons and can give a glowing recommendation on a particular instructor - or a warning.

Interview the Candidates
Yes, you really can interview golf instructors before you commit to lessons. Remember - it's your business they want and need. Ask your candidates about their teaching background and experience. Do they use video? Do lessons include on-course teaching? What is their teaching philosophy? This process should give you a good idea of how your personality will match up with theirs, too.

Choosing a Golf lesson
After these steps, you should be ready to make your choice. It's important that you choose an instructor whose personality meshes with yours. Going to a teacher you don't like will keep you from learning. It's important that an instructor's goals match yours, and that your commitment matches your goals. Once you've made your choice, throw yourself into it - and watch your scores improve.