Golf tips: Balance and Tempo

Proper ball position will help ensure solid contact. Ball position should be just inside the left heel. Hands, head and weight are behind the ball.

Think low and slow in the takeaway. Arms and shoulders stay "connected" for a one piece takeaway. Good hip turn and proper weight shift are important. Control any premature wrist cock.

During the downswing the upper body turns but doesn.t lunge or sway toward the target. The head and body (most of it) stays behind the ball through impact. Let clubhead speed do the work.

To swing with balance and tempo while hitting long irons and woods. Don.t try to swing too fast. A smooth swing generating the proper clubhead speed will produce more consistent and positive results than a sudden, short violent effort.

To build confidence with the long game. You need to ensure a low wide arc away from the ball while loading up for the downswing. To ensure a low takeaway, you can place a tee about six inches behind the ball on line with the target. Trying to hit the tee during your backswing ensures a low takeaway. Let the speed and loft of the clubhead get the ball into the air.

The ball should be positioned close to the left heel so it can be struck at the bottom of the swing arc. Your stance should be square to target with rear foot "turned out" a little extra to allow for a greater hip turn.

Do and Don'ts
Do not get frustrated if you have difficulty hitting long irons. Golfers learning to hit their long irons should consider using a utility wood. Ask your pro about them.