Golf tips: Extended Club

This drill will reduce the use of your wrists during chipping. Using a split grip, hold an extra club against your primary club so the 2nd club's grip extends two feet past the top of your first club extending up your left side behind your shoulder.

If your wrists break down during the follow-through thereby throwing the clubhead forward, the extended shaft will tap you on your left side, giving you a friendly reminder about firm wrists when chipping.

To reinforce the concept of firm wrists when chipping. The most accurate and consistent chippers are those who keep their wrists firm. The purpose of the firm wrist is to prevent you from popping the ball up or getting too much backspin. The goal when chipping is to keep the ball low and get it rolling on the green as soon as possible.

To ensure that your hands are ahead of the ball at address and at impact when chipping. This drill guarantees your hands will start ahead of the ball and finish there . It is impossible with an extended club to keep your hands even with the ball at address. You will get a quick reminder if the hands get ahead at impact.

To learn the feel of a correct chip. This is a reminder drill. After repeating a few times you will get the idea and feel of the correct mechanics, and you may never have to do it again.

Do and Don'ts
Using an extra club is the most convenient way to extend your shaft. However, you might use a long rod or even a broom handle.