Golf tips: Five in a Row

Put a ball down 2 feet from the hole. Now lay 4 more balls in a straight line back from the first ball at one or two foot intervals. Mark their positions with tees or coins.

Putt the ball nearest to the hole, then the next and so on. If you miss a putt you have to start over. Practice until you can make 5 in a row.

When 5 in a row becomes too easy , make it more difficult by putting two or three balls from each distance. The rules are the same, if you miss a putt you start over at the beginning.

To increase your putting concentration in a practice pressure situation. This drill makes you concentrate on every shot because if you miss one you have to start over. Concentration means going through your normal pre-shot routine. Do not just step up and bang the balls rapid fire.

To pressure proof your putting stroke. This is a good drill to do at the end of practice, when you are about ready to go home. It will put a lot of pressure on you to make five in a row. Take your time and pretend the outcome of the match is depending on each putt. If you do not make an attempt to simulate pressure in practice, you will never handle it when the time comes.

To make good use of your putting practice time. It is important to remember that the majority of your putting practice should be spent at distances within 12 feet. This is the zone within which you must excel, if you expect birdie putts to start dropping.

Do and Don'ts
Experiment, you can also adapt this game for longer putts. To start, pick a nice level part of your practice green. As you gain confidence try it with a hole that has more slope.