Golf tips: Flight and Roll

From one spot in the fairway, hit to the identical landing spot on the green with different clubs. It is the only way to learn what each club will do for you. See the different combinations of flight and roll each club will give you. This is the first part of developing your touch with the short game.

Next, using different clubs, chip or pitch from varying distances away from the green. Always aim at the same landing spot. Each club will give you a different flight/roll combination. At each distance you must chose the right club to land the ball on your target and roll up next to the pin.

To become a consistently good short game player. You need to be a good short game player because no one can consistently hit every green in regulation . This is where many strokes are lost or saved. You will have the most control when you get the ball on the green and rolling like a putt as early as possible. This is why you need to learn the flight and roll characteristics of each club.

To see and feel what each club can do for you. Vary the clubs you use to chip or pitch and you will save many shots in game situations. Sooner or later it will pay off. You will also find a favorite chipping club will evolve from use. That will become the club to use under pressure.

To develop "touch" with the chip shot. Good chippers are said to have great feel. This feel or touch is developed through practice drills such as these. You will find these drills are fun because in a very short time your ability to gauge distance and get it close will improve dramatically. Getting visual feedback by watching your shots and adjusting accordingly will guarantee rapid progress in your practice sessions. The lessons learned will follow you onto the course during your matches.

Do and Don'ts
When practicing do not always give yourself "good lies." Practicing shots from all types of lies will save you strokes during play.