Golf tips: Inside the stripe

When hitting striped range balls, align the stripe down the target line. Concentrate on hitting the inside of the stripe as you swing through impact. This will encourage an inside to outside swingpath.

The inside to outside swingpath produces straighter and longer shots. For tee shots on the course, position the brand name on the ball down the target line. Aim to make contact with the ball inside the brand name for the same effect.

To develop an inside to outside swingpath. Once you have ingrained an inside to outside swingpath you will be well on your way toward realizing your true golf potential. The consistency in your shot pattern will increase dramatically as you groove a swingpath that flows inside to out. Mastering the inside to outside swingpath will help keep your right elbow in close to your body. This will help eliminate casting or other over the top moves that generally cause slices or pulls.

To hit longer straighter shots. Experienced golfers know that a draw (right to left) rolls much farther than a fade (left to right). Hitting a drive with a draw can increase your distance off the tee 10 to 40 yards. This becomes increasingly important as you become a senior golfer. Along with the inside to outside swingpath you need a full arm and hand release to get the clubhead square at impact. This imparts a right to left spin on the ball.

Do and Don'ts
Be sure to compensate with your club selection to allow for the lower trajectory and greater roll on an inside to outside shot. For example, you might be able to hit one club less because of the increased roll.