Golf tips: Play a Range Round

At the practice range with a scorecard of your favorite course in hand, image you are standing on the course's first tee. You are going to play the 18 holes one by one right on the practice tee.

Ready, now hit your drive on the first hole. Are you in the rough or the fairway? What club will you hit now? Be honest with yourself. If you are in the bunker, get your sand wedge out for your next shot.

When you get to the imaginary green you have an automatic two putt. Add two strokes to your score thus far on the hole and record it on the scorecard. Now tee up for the second hole. Good luck!

To make your practice range session more fun and more effective. A range round puts some variety into your practice session. It makes it competitive (against yourself) because you are keeping score. You can get the scorecard for any course from our course directory.

To increase your concentration. Concentration is one of golf's most important skills. Unfortunately, many golfers practice poor concentration at the range by banging balls and not effectively evaluating their shots. Make sure you go through your regular pre-shot routine each time. You are forced into concentrating on each shot because you have to calculate where the ball landed. This helps you evaluate your shots and identify your errors.

To help you practice on the practice range. This drill will help you break a common rapid fire pattern of hitting shots. This drill makes you change clubs and plan each shot. Keeping score on a scorecard will help keep you focused.