Golf tips: Power Positions

This drill produces an action called the release (rolling over of the hands and forearms). A proper release greatly helps generate increased clubhead speed. Put a tee in the butt end of the grip on a mid-iron. Begin a slow backswing. Stop when the tee in the grip points directly at the ball.

Swing slowly through until on your follow-through the tee in the grip again points at the starting ball position. Take some practice swings. Gradually increase the speed of your swing making sure to go no further back or further forward than your original positions. Now hit some balls.

To gain distance. The key factor to achieving distance in golf is the speed of the clubhead. This drill helps create maximum clubhead speed at impact by promoting a full release. The release is the rolling over of the wrists and forearms during the swing. The whipping motion helps generate clubhead speed. Failing to release or releasing late inhibits the use of the wrists as a powerful element in the swing. The more your muscles work together, the greater the clubhead speed through the shot.

To square the club at impact. Without the rolling of the wrists and the forearms (release) during the downswing, the clubface cannot close to a square position at impact. Your ball flight from an open clubface will always be to the right. A good release will give you the confidence to swing hard and fast without worrying about hitting slices and fades.

Do and Don'ts
People have many types of backswings. The important factor is to get to the power position on your downswing and again on your follow-through. Hit some practice balls using this drill. You may be surprised by the power you can generate with your wrist and forearms.