Golf tips: Pre Shot Routine

Planning the shot ahead, approach from behind the ball. Pick an intermediate target. Aiming at something new a few feet away is easier and more accurate than aiming at 200 yards away.

Approach the ball and take a stance about a foot back where you will make your next shot. Take a smooth practice swing. Focus all your attention on your upcoming shot.

Take your final stance and start your backswing with your personal swing key. This is an example of a typical pre-shot routine. Yours may differ. It is important to develop your own routine.

To develop your own standard pre-shot routine. Your routine doesn't have to be exactly like the one shown but it should be consistent. It is designed to make sure you have picked your intermediate target, decided on your landing area, visualized the ball's flight, and you are fully concentrating on your shot.

To increase your concentration. Your pre-shot routine should turn on your own concentration. Up until that point you can be a laughing and joking, but when you start your routine you shift into your concentration mode. If someone or something disrupts your routine - Stop - back off and start your routine.

To start your swing smoothly. The pre-shout routine concludes wiht you activating your swing keys (thoughts) used to begin your swing. For example, if the key your use to start the backswing is "low and slow", this will actually be the final component of your routine. The more you practice this on the range, the more it will become part of your routine.

Do and Don'ts
Practice your pre-shot routine on the range. It is difficult to learn on the course, even during the practice rounds.