Golf tips: Sand Tee Drill

Put a tee into the sand with a ball on top of it. The top of the tee should be just lower than the top of the sand. During the swing you are going to try and clip off the top of the tee. To do this you have to hit behind the ball at a shallow angle.

You are in effect slipping the club through and under the sand. Visualize this the next time your ball lands in the sand. Take a long shallow divot of sand and keep your left arm moving through the ball. Control distance by the length of your backswing. Do not quit on the shot.

To develop confidence getting out of the sand. Most pros would rather be in a greenside sand trap than in the rough. Sand is much more consistent and predictable. With a little practice sand shots can become something to look forward to, rather than dread.

To learn the mechanics of the basic sand shot. This basic sand shot will work for you in 90% of the sand situations you face. Once you learn the basics the rest is mental planning, and concentration.

To learn the "constants" of sand play.

  • The length of the swing determines the distance you hit the ball.
  • The perfect sand divot is long and narrow.
  • Always dig your feet into the sand and choke down on the club to compensate.
  • Open the clubface to avoid digging too deeply into the sand.
  • Always follow-through and finish high.
  • The closer you hit to the ball the more spin you are going to put on the ball.

Do and Don'ts
The most important thing is to find a place to practice sand shots. Be creative!