Golf tips: Solving Problems

Identify the (slicing, hooking, lack of distance, etc.) problem. Verify the problem by videotaping yourself or asking a knowledgeable golfer to watch you hit a few balls. Find the cause of the problem. Start by reviewing your fundamentals of grip, stance, balance, alignment, etc.

Do some diagnostic drills to help you pinpoint the cause. Plan your course of action. Commit to implementing your plan. Repetition will help you build confidence. Give it time to work, but, if it is not going well, seek additional help.

To have a reliable system to identify your golfing problems. The first step, no matter what the problem, is always to REVIEW YOUR FUNDAMENTALS. Also, the diagnostic drills can help you pinpoint your problems. You must know the problem and its cause to effectively correct it. Use a video tape recorder or a knowledgeable practice partner to help you correctly diagnose the problem.

To provide the means to restore your confidence. Many problems will stem from loss of confidence. Doing repetitions of the drills will give you the needed confidence in your swing to overcome your problems. Solving problems and developing confidence takes time. Do not expect instantaneous results. After you identify the problem, find the cause and learn the cure, you will still need time and practice to integrate your new skills into your "old game".

Do and Don'ts
If you cannot identify and solve your own problems to your satisfaction, seek help from your local professional. They are trained to recognize and solve golfing problems.