Golf tips: Take a Lesson

Taking a lesson from a PGA pro is the best way to learn golf. Find a pro who has a good reputation working with golfers of your skill level and who takes the time to explain things thoroughly. Prepare for your lesson by printing your round statistics and analysis graphs from Go over your goals with the pro and asking how you both can work together to accomplish them.

To know when to take a lesson. When you face a swing problem you need to first recognize the problem, next identify the cause and then find the solution. If you are having difficulty identifying or solving a frustrating problem it is time to see your local pro.

The understand the goals of a lesson. When you take a lesson set your learning goal. It should be either to solve a current problem, to improve a current skill, or learn a new skill. Make sure you communicate your goal to the pro and you both agree. Follow up the lesson with your own practice sessions to insure you completely integrate your new skill into your game.

To get the most out of a lesson. Find a pro whom you trust and who knows how to listen. People learn in different ways. Some learn best by seeing, some by doing, some by hearing, others by reading. Most people learn best with a combination of these learning methods. Some people like fast paced instruction. Others prefer a slower pace. Make sure your pro's teaching style fits your learning style. You need to have confidence in your pro and trust what your pro recommends. This is most important when the recommendations do not produce instant results. To get the most out of a lesson you must spend time practicing your new skills!

Do and Don'ts
To make faster progress work on improving your physical fitness.