Golf tips: The power turn

Hold a club behind your back. Bend forward with knees bent into an address position. Start a backswing motion. Turn in a 90 degree angle and then right.

Hold each position for 20-30 seconds. Begin with just one or two repetitions. Keep both knees bent slightly as you would when addressing the ball. Stop immediately if you feel any pain.

Make sure the angle of your spine remains constant throughout the turn. This drill will help you add distance to your shots and retain your flexibility for many years.

To provide a base for a consistent swing. A proper turn is the key to a powerful golf swing. Developing a repeatable turn is the basis for the shot consistency that leads to enjoyable golf.

To develop the full turn necessary for achieving maximum distance. A full turn means full power. Two factors limit turning ability. First, flexibility: you must be physically able to turn without injuring yourself. Second, confidence: you must have confidence you can make a full turn and still return the clubface squarely to the ball at impact.

To provide gentle stretching, thereby increasing flexibility. How far you can turn is a function of your current flexibility. You can increase your flexibility and reduce the possibility of injury with a regular stretching program. If you do not work at keeping your flexibility, you will lose it. You can keep your full swing for many years with just a little stretching and flexibility work. You have no choice if you want to play golf at your full ability.