Golf tips: Track Drill

This drill is designed to help you hit your chips on the intended line every time. Take two clubs and make a narrow track . Turn the clubheads on the ground outwards. Use a 7 or 8 iron to chip.

Make a stroke with the club coming back only slightly inside on the backswing. Go straight through and finish low on the follow-through. Follow-through is longer than your backswing.

Hit some shots to the hole making sure you accelerate the clubhead through the shot. Gradually increase the distance using a fuller swing.

To learn the correct clubhead path. The chip shot calls for a low clubhead finish while extending straight down the target line. Laying down tracks as guides ensures hitting the ball along the intended target line every time. With the chipping line clearly pointed out you can focus your attention on hitting the ball solidly with a descending, brushing stroke.

To practice clubhead control. The chip is an accelerating, straight-through type of shot. The clubhead remains square the majority of the time, opening only slightly on the backswing and closing only slightly on the follow-through.

To learn the importance of a descending blow. The short backswing makes it easier to hit the ball first in a descending blow which brushes or sweeps the ball and pops it onto the green. This makes for solid contact.

Do and Don'ts
Do not try for backspin. You want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible without spin.