Golf tips: Tracking Strokes

On a level section of green, align two clubs parallel toward the target hole with the clubheads turned outwards. They should be slightly wider than the width of your putter face.

This "track" will help you focus on the line of the putt while helping you groove a straight back and straight through swingpath. This drill will also help keep your blade square.

After you can make ten in a row move the clubs back a foot or two and start over. Try this drill on some long putts to ensure your swingpath remains straight when you strike the putt harder.

To develop a repeatable straight back and straight through stroke. This drill provides an easy way to check your putting stroke. It will quickly show if your stroke is misaligned or if the putter face is not square to the target line. Once you have a correct putter path you can focus on the other aspects of a solid putting stroke. When you are putting you can visualize tracks alongside your putter head to help guide it straight back and straight through.

To diagnose incorrect putter path problems. This is a good drill to use whenever you lose confidence in your putting stroke. It can immediately show you what is wrong. Use it every couple of weeks to prevent problems and reinforce good putting mechanics. It will help keep the putter face square to the target line. Make sure you try some long putts. This will help ensure a straight stroke even on longer putts when you stroke the ball harder.

Do and Don'ts
Use this drill frequently to check your putting stroke. It is a confidence builder. Anytime you have any putting problems, this is the first diagnostic drill to do. You can even do this drill at home on the carpet.