Golf tips: Two line drill

Draw two parallel lines in the sand about 10-12 inches apart. Take a few practice swings with the club entering the sand at the back line and "cutting out" all of the sand to the front line.

After you can repeat this easily, put a ball down between the lines. Then make the same swing through the sand that you made before the ball was there.

Hit five to ten balls this way. It is a great confidence builder. Practice this drill regularly. Try to practice in bunkers with sand of differing textures and consistencies.

To develop a consistent sand shot. This drill teaches you to concentrate on cutting a large shallow patch of sand out of the bunker rather than concentrating on "the ball." It also encourages you to follow-through and make a complete swing.

To understand your "margin of error" in the sand. Most golfers don't realize you have a larger margin of error with sand shots than you do with most other golf shots.

Notice that even when your "divot" in the sand is far less than perfect, you can still get the ball pretty close to the pin. With practice you'll begin to realize that bunker shots aren't so hard after all.

To give you a measurable way to evaluate bunker shots. This drill, because of the two lines, gives you a way to study your "divot" and see 1: If you entered the sand at the proper point, 2: If you "took enough" sand, 3: If your swing path was correctly coming from the outside to the inside.

Do and Don'ts
Experiment with the best ball position between the lines. Most people find placing the ball more toward the front line works best.