Massages and golf

Massages and golf are closely connected, because golf is a low aerobic sport that puts much stress on your body, therefore, what better than a good massage to relax yourself afterwards. You can receive massages before a golf game to warm up your muscles, and don’t forget to obtain adequate hydration.
Massages and golf
Having a good swing is very important in this sport, because the swing makes a golf game. It is important to have success; therefore if you want to have a consistent swing, you must warm up all your body, joints, muscles and tendons, before a golf game. You must do a suitable warm up consists of massages, light exercises and stretching, thus you will be prepared for this physical activity.
Warm up
When you practice this interesting sport, or attend a golf school, you want to get a suitable swing, so you overwork and put stress out of proportion on the wrist, shoulder, the lower back, knees, elbow and hips. You must do proper stretching and warm up to prepare your muscles and loosen them to work harmoniously together, getting down a stretching routine to work all areas each time.
Message therapy can help to loosen up the hips, shoulders, legs and the lower back. You can receive targeted massage such as Swedish massage, Shiatsu, sport massage, or hot stone massage. Massages do not only help with muscle relaxation, but they also help with the blood circulation, and increase alertness and concentration during the game. It is advisable to have a massage before a golf game, because if an injury occurs, there are few therapies to reverse it.
You must know that a large number of injuries can be prevented, and sometimes avoid them altogether. It is important to prevent injuries for your long term golf game. Most of the injuries can be related to the golf swing, and some causes of injuries are from hitting the ground, poor swing mechanics, over swinging with too little warm up, and twisting during the swing.
An innovative technique of massage that many spas are using is golf ball massage.
Golf ball massage
Golf ball massage: A massage therapist created this new and unique way to use a golf ball, an instrument of golf gear, as a therapeutic massage tool. This technique allows a therapist to move this ball over the patient’s body, using a kind of pouch (kaddyBack) that protects the therapist’s hands from injuries. Golf ball therapy allows you to get a great depth work on the muscles.
You can improve your golf game, if you include a suitable massage therapy in your warm up. There many massage therapists who can help you with this but you can also use video massages, or just go to a spa.
Golf Stretching Video