The importance of design in the maintenance of a golf course

We are going to talk about the golf course. For your info, I have proposed to tell you something else; I am going to tell you about the importance of designing a golf course in its maintenance. It is essential that in order to have a well-maintained field at an adjusted cost and therefore a cheaper price to play, a series of conditions.

Remember that the more expensive to maintain the field, the more it will cost to play or it should be like that but the field will have little future. We need to ensure everything related to the golf field should be considered carefully.

Before we start to break down the factors that determine maintenance "accessible" of a golf course, we must have one thing clear.

What is the goal of the golf course?

It is the most important question to ask any property, private company, investment fund, etc before getting into a golf course. Unfortunately, it is a question that is rarely answered in advance. The only thing I want to say is that it is essential to know beforehand what the golf course's goal is, in order to be able to design it according to our needs.

Having said that, I am going to tell you the most important factors that determine the viability of a golf project in terms of its design.


Water is increasingly scarce, more difficult to obtain and more expensive.

Someone who wants to build a golf course should ask two questions:

  • How much water do you need to irrigate the golf course?
  • How much money will the cubic meter cost?


This factor is fundamental in the total cost of building a golf course, the so-called Earth Movement. A golf course with many slopes (for us to understand), will be a field infinitely harder to maintain than a flat course.

Wall-to-wall irrigation

Years ago most of the fields were built to irrigate from "wall to wall" as it is said in the technical jargon, that is, to build a golf course in which everything you see is green.

The number of hectares of mowing determines the number of working hours to perform this task.

It will be better to have 25 hectares of mowing than 45, that is evident. But it is something that in most designs is not taken into account.

Molding of the greens

I love greens with a lot of molding, they are much more beautiful than flat greens but they are very difficult to maintain.

Number of bunkers

The golfer hates bunkers as a rule and greenkeepers much more. The more bunker number the more expensive it will be to maintain the field.

Location of the club house and maintenance zone

A detail that is almost never thought of is the location of the clubhouse and maintenance area.

For those who know computer science, it would be something like "usability". If a maintenance area is too far from the field, we will spend much more on fuel for the machines. If the clubhouse does not have an operational design, we will have to spend a lot more on staff.

As you can see, there are a lot of decisions that directly influence the maintenance of a golf course and these affect the final price of what we pay to play. Of course, in doing payment process, we can get the money from various sources including payday loans. Finally, we must seek efficiency from all points and in this work, technology is being and will be a great help.